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Chelsea is a doctoral candidate who teaches statistics, research methods, and social psychology courses here at the University of Georgia. An experimentalist and affect control theorist, she utilizes a social psychological framework to approach her main focal areas of emotion, relationship, and culturally-based communication. Her dissertation research computationally and longitudinally explores the interconnection of self, identity, and emotion's effects on future behaviors and mental health (testing a formal means of predicting behavior, identity, and relationship change over time using discrepancy between current felt and expected emotions within structured social relationships as predictor). She is heavily involved with several ongoing projects in the Laboratory for the Study of Social Interaction; other current projects include a vignette study testing a framing theory of interpersonal communication, a semantic network analysis project on emergent relationship classification labels, and a group of studies (with Dawn Robinson, Bryan Cannon, and Lynn Smith-Lovin) on cross-cultural variations in social expectations.

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  • M.A. in Sociology, University of Georgia (2016)
  • B.A. in Sociology, University of Delaware (2011)
Of Note:
  •  Balkwell-Fine Outstanding Student of Group Processes Award, 2015. Laboratory for the Study of Social Interaction (LaSSI), Department of Sociology, University of Georgia.
  • Graduate School Assistantship, 2014-2016 (2-year fellowship). The Graduate School, University of Georgia.
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