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"Presentation of Soc in the Wider World"

Elisa Bienenstock
Elisa Bienenstock
Arizona State University
Online via Zoom
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Sponsored by the Laboratory for the Study of Social Interaction

Sociology is at the top of the list of academic underappreciated academic disciplines. As a consequence, sociologists, and their expertise, are overlooked in the development of strategic plans and crises mitigation doomed to fail if the people part of the model is not properly scoped or specified. Examples are many as human behavior, especially contingent, interactive, and aggregate human behavior, the focus of sociology, over and over again, proves to be the point of failure in models in cybersecurity, pandemic relief and mitigation of global warming trends, among others. Sociologists are trained to study precisely what is overlooked in these models, and yet there is little engagement of sociologists (or social scientists more generally) on teams to address these issues. This is largely because outside of sociology few people are aware of the substance or methods of sociology and do not appreciate the value of sociological theory and training. In this presentation I will entertain some hypotheses regarding why sociology is underappreciated and recommend strategies to increase engagement and impact.

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